Celeste Kane

"Don't lie to me, Celeste. What did you do?"

During Lilly's memorial service, while Jake and Duncan were overcome with emotion, Celeste just stared in bewildered horror at the video of her hedonistic daughter displaying her lovely rear end out of a car window. She was appalled at her daughter's behavior, but everyone else in the audience cheered, laughed, and cried in celebration of such a vivacious spirit.

According to Lilly, Celeste worshipped Duncan and "tolerated" her. She told Lilly, "Any trouble this family has ever had, you've been at the root of it."

Veronica has long believed that Celeste Kane despises her, but she told Veronica that she does not hate her, in an almost warm manner. She simply can't stand to look at her, viewing Veronica as nothing more than a painful reminder of her own hollow life. She broke up Duncan and Veronica by convincing Duncan that Veronica was his half-sister. Celeste truly believed that Veronica was Jake's daughter. How will she feel about Veronica when she learns that Keith is most definitely her father?

She was involved in blackmailing Lianne Mars into leaving Neptune and in the framing of Abel Koontz for Lilly's murder. What was the motivation behind these manipulations? It was out of love for her son.

She believed that her beloved son had killed her troublesome daughter. In order to protect him, Celeste and Jake perpetrated a cover-up that included a false time of death for Lilly. They paid off Abel Koontz for a false confession. Had Lianne stayed in town, she could have blown all of their alibis. Well, that, and Celeste needed to get some kind of revenge for Jake and Lianne's affair.

Imagine Celeste's shock and horror when she and Jake discovered a bloody Duncan holding her dead daughter. Her screams may have been in grief for Lilly. But they also may have been in horror at what she thought her perfect son had done.

Almost two years after her death, Lilly still manages to turn her mom's life upside down. Unable to deal with the pressure from their trial, the Kanes leave Neptune and take up residence in their Napa house. Lilly must be so pleased.

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Bio as of 2.01 "Normal Is the Watchword"
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Lisa Thornhill plays Celeste Kane.

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