Celeste Kane

"Don't lie to me, Celeste. What did you do?"

During Lilly's memorial service, while Jake and Duncan were overcome with emotion, Celeste just stared in bewildered horror at the video of her hedonistic daughter displaying her lovely rear end out of a car window. She was appalled at her daughter's behavior, but everyone else in the audience cheered, laughed, and cried in celebration of such a vivacious spirit.

According to Lilly, Celeste loves her son Duncan dearly -- even jealously. It is clear that in Celeste's eyes, her son could do no wrong, and her daughter could do no right. Celeste told Lilly, "Any trouble this family has ever had, you've been at the root of it."

Celeste was right; Lilly was never the perfect daughter. But then again, Celeste was never the perfect mother. Celeste's alibi for the time of her daughter's murder is shaky at best. She may have been involved in blackmailing Lianne Mars into leaving Neptune. She was definitely trying to break up Duncan and Veronica in the days prior to Lilly's murder. What else has she been up to?

One thing we do know: Celeste was a mother who kept as many secrets about herself as she had disparaging words about her daughter.

Yes, Lilly, we do love you. The question remains: did your mother?

Bio as of 1.16 "Betty and Veronica"
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Lisa Thornhill plays Celeste Kane.

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