Celeste Kane

"Sure she's a bitch, but can you blame her? After all, Dad did try to send her husband to jail for life."

The last opportunity Celeste Kane had to make an impression on our memories, she was standing on a stage at her daughter Lilly's memorial service, staring in bewildered horror at a video of her hedonistic offspring displaying her lovely rear end out of the window of a car. Sniff.

The stiff, upright Celeste certainly didn't see eye to eye with the rebellious, defiant Lilly when Lilly was alive, and the feeling, by all accounts that we've seen, was mutual. We also know that she loves her son Duncan dearly, and even jealously, if we're to believe Lilly's offhand account. To what do all these details add up, if not the number four? Stick around, and don't touch that dial.

Bio as of 1.04 "The Wrath of Con"
All bios: 2.09 2.01 1.22 1.19 1.16 1.04 1.01

Lisa Thornhill plays Celeste Kane.

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