Nathan Woods

"Your old lady took something of mine - I'm not leaving 'til I get it back."

A man of mystery: his name is Nathan Woods, yet he is also known as Carl Morgan. As the former, he is a decorated cop, yet as the latter, he is wanted for drug-dealing and armed robbery. Alicia Fennel claims that he is a crazy ex-boyfriend—and his stalkerish behavior seems to prove it—yet Nathan says all he wants is to get back something she took away from him. Oh, and he also gives the Vader treatment to Wallace, who is more than stunned to hear that he never knew his biological father.

Is Nathan trustworthy? Is he really Wallace's father? If he is a cop, why didn't he search for Alicia and Wallace earlier? Why did Alicia lie about him, and why did she change her name to get herself and her son away from him? Whatever the answers are, Woods calmly causes trouble, threatening to not only affect the life of the Fennels, but also that of Keith and Veronica.

Bio as of 2.04 "Green-Eyed Monster"
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Cress Williams plays Nathan Woods.

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