Jackie Cook

"A 'whatever, bitch' and a 180 back to study hall, and we could have had something."

Siren /Si"ren/ n. An enticing, dangerous woman.

Fresh off the plane from New York, Jackie arrives in the oceanside town of Neptune to make her own waves. When she's not antagonizing her strained relationship with her father, Terrence, she's insulting the people who prepare her food. Smart move? Not so much.

She catches Wallace's eye on her first day at Neptune High, and he uses his newly developed detective skills to help her discover who hit her father's Porsche. She's not a Jane Austen fan, but her inflated sense of self gives her the pride to brag about her exciting life in Manhattan and a prejudice against certain personality traits like not toying with the feelings of a guy who's totally into her.

But give the girl credit for having the heart to one-up Veronica. Jackie arranges for her to get punk'd on national, er, local cable-access television. And she TiVos episodes of Cupid, so she can't be all bad. Never mind her penchant for fake psychics and mood-altering drugs that make her come on to Logan.

Is Jackie a misunderstood princess who needs a nice guy like Wallace to slow her down? Or is she really a playa-playa who thinks she can handle Veronica's wrath if she hurts BFF Wallace? For Jackie's sake, let's hope it's the former.

Bio as of 2.05 "Blast from the Past"
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Tessa Thompson plays Jackie Cook.

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