Kendall Casablancas


A shallow, bitchy cheerleader until she devoted her life to helping the helpless and seducing teenage boys on the side—wait, what? What do you mean, "wrong show"? It all looks right to me, except for—okay. I see. Gotcha.


A shallow, bitchy cheerleader until she was fired from the Laker Girls and consoled herself by seducing teenage boys on the side, Kendall Casablancas is hiding more than just a Paula Abdul past and a dorky maiden name (Lacey Shifflet? In lingerie stores near you!). Between massages and shopping sprees, the third Mrs. C manages to fit bribing the county assessor for her husband's real estate fraud into her busy schedule. And now, given Big Dick's literal flight from the law, Kendall has a lot more to worry about these days than the shape of her shapely ass. With two abandoned stepsons and their contemporary playmate Logan as her closest remaining neighbors, will she in fact end up running an orphanage? How long can she escape indictment for colluding to sell icky motels to unsuspecting business teachers? And, dammit, did her heart rate just fall out of the red zone again? Trophy wifing is harder than it looks — here's wondering how well Arizona State prepared her for the state pen.

Bio as of 2.03 "Cheatty Cheatty Bang Bang"
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Charisma Carpenter plays Kendall Casablancas.

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