Woody Goodman

"'Neptune. Cleaner. Safer.' That's my entire platform. I'm running for county supervisor because I care about this town, Keith. It's my home."

Who controls the baseball team?
Who keeps the Sharks reigning supreme?
He does! He does!

Who coaches youngsters to play ball?
Who keeps the poor kids from a brawl?
He does! He does!

Who wants Keith in the sheriff's car?
Who makes Steve Guttenberg a star?
He does! He does!

Who gives Gia that weird hair?
Who runs unopposed for "mayor"?
He does! He does!

Woody Goodman is best known in Neptune for being the owner of the Sharks (the younger crowd may know him best as Coach). He enjoys the long ball, but we're not sure what Mrs. Goodman thinks of that. He's no purist.

This election year, Woody Goodman has thrown his hat into the race—if you could call it that—for county supervisor. Currently, no one opposes his campaign to make Neptune a cleaner, safer town. It's not surprising, given the last county supervisor's term has seen at least two murders, the return of a serial killer, and a tragic accident. To ensure Neptune's safety, he has convinced Keith to run for Sheriff.

Unconcerned with baseball and politics is his daughter, Gia, whom he has recently placed in Neptune High. She should go to school with his constituents' children, after all. And she should be friends with them, too. Strongly encouraging the journalism students of Neptune to befriend his short-skirt-wearing daughter is kind of sketchy, though.

Woody Goodman loves three things: baseball, Neptune, and his daughter. We don't know where his priorities lie.

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Steve Guttenberg plays Woody Goodman.

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