Terrence Cook

"How about we try this: You can get your ass out of bed right now, or you can go back to New York to explain why you're there to your mom."

At first glance, everything seems well for this handsome baseball champ. According to Woody Goodman he is "the greatest Shark that ever played," he has good chances to end up in the Hall of Fame, and he even counts Keith Mars among his most devoted fans. Yet Terrence Cook seems to have something bothering him.

Part of it might be his daughter, Jackie, who has just arrived from New York and seems determined to alienate her so-far-absentee father in every way she can. Then there are his gambling debts, which already connected him to shady figures and enabled Sheriff Lamb to blackmail Terrence into supporting his re-election campaign. But it could to be his mysterious connection to late Neptune High journalism teacher Mr. Dumass that finally breaks his life apart, as it seems to implicate him in the bus crash that recently shocked Neptune.

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Jeffrey Sams plays Terrence Cook.

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