Lilly Kane

"Don't you watch any horror movies? My soul is doomed to walk the earth until justice has been served."


"Yeah, that, and, as kind of a side project, I dispense fashion advice."

As sensational in death as she ever was in life, Lilly Kane was a girl with little to hide and everything to flaunt. Or was she? Popular, outrageous, and with a defiant streak a mile wide, she embraced life, fought against it, reveled in it.

Her tempestuous relationship with the hotheaded Logan Echolls was no secret to her best friend Veronica Mars. Her painful, melodramatic affair with the delicate-hearted Weevil Navarro is another story. What other secrets were locked away in that well-guarded mind? Could any of them have set Veronica on the trail of her killer? And is it too late yet to find out?

Bio as of 1.12 "Clash of the Tritons"
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Amanda Seyfried plays Lilly Kane.

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