Keith Mars

"Who's your Daddy?"

"I hate it when you say that."

"You know what, this is important. You remember this. I used to be cool!"

As sheriff of Neptune, Keith Mars was in charge of the investigation into Lilly Kane's murder. For reasons as mysterious to us as they are to the rest of the town, Keith accused Lilly's father, Jake, of the crime, and Jake promptly had Keith run out of office. Almost immediately after, Keith's wife Lianne left him in a cloud of angry tears and suspicion.

Trying to glue the pieces of his life back together, Keith opened a detective agency with his daughter Veronica acting as his secretary, business partner, confidante, and action figure heroine. His specialties are finding bail jumpers and nailing cheating spouses. (Not like that.)

After Lianne left, Keith took up with Rebecca James, the school counselor, but he broke it off after seeing that Veronica wasn't ready to handle it. He then started seeing Alicia Fennel, much to the horror of his daughter and her son Wallace. Though he had to end things with her when Lianne returned, in the immediate aftermath of his life-and-death fight with Aaron Echolls, Keith was comforted by the sight of Alicia by his hospital bed. After Lianne left with Keith's reward money, he and Alicia continued their relationship, and Keith, to pay his medical bills, decided to co-author a book, Big Murder, Small Town, about the Lilly Kane murder case. His primary concern is for his daughter.

-healingfish, alliterator, geniusblonde
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Enrico Colantoni plays Keith Mars.

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