Deputy Jerry Sacks

"When a bomb threat's phoned in, you evacuate the building. That's procedure, Sacks."
"Sorry, Keith."

Is it possible that our little Sacks has gone and learned some common sense over the summer? The man who always seemed to be Veronica's unwitting pawn has graduated to being her witting pawn! Where before he simply made idiotic mistakes like leaving Veronica alone in an interrogation room, Sacks is now seemingly more wise to her ways, procuring a quid pro quo promise of a big bust from Veronica before helping her out. As he casts a wary eye towards Lamb's office, we begin to suspect that Sacks may have Sacked up over the summer and could now be ready to play with the big boys. Unfortunately, his wariness of Lamb's wrath causes him to ignore a bomb threat at the college. While he was correct that it was a false report, following procedure and evacuating the building would have saved Veronica from being beaten and almost raped. Sigh. If only he'd just shave off that 'stache. Yowza.

Bio as of 3.09 "Spit & Eggs"
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Brandon Hillock plays Deputy Jerry Sacks.

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