Deputy Jerry Sacks

"Gotta hand it to you, Sacks. You stay on message like nobody's business. If not for the little perspiration problem, you'd make a great White House press secretary."

If Deputy Leo is a shining beacon of noble police work bright, Deputy Sacks is perilously close to being a rather dim lightbulb. After years in the service of the Neptune Sheriff's Department, he still hasn't learned that there are two things you should never do: 1) Leave Veronica alone in an interrogation room and 2) Leave confidential information alone in an interrogation room with Logan.

Seemingly oblivious to both Sheriff Lamb's sarcasm and Keith's withering scorn, Sacks will probably last a long time on the force. We bet he'd last even longer if he'd just shave off the 'stache already. Yowza.

-funky-donut, grimsqueaker
Bio as of 2.10 "One Angry Veronica"
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Brandon Hillock plays Deputy Jerry Sacks.

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