Hector Cortez

"People are saying stuff, man. I mean, my little brother, the other day, asked me if it's true that P.C.H. stands for Panty Club for Homos. Yeah, heard it at school."

Hector Cortez has the strangest laugh.
It's like a hyena that's spotted a calf
That then licks its lips in hungry delight
As it readies itself for the oncoming fight.
Now, Hector himself is a leather-clad biker
Who told Logan Echolls: his mom, he did like her.
Not the best time and Logan was pissed,
The two of them went at it with shoulder and fist.
At Encore of Neptune, he made a faux pas.
White after Labor Day? Way too bourgeois.
And what's with his taste in calendar girls?
He's got Weevil's eyelashes — so lush, those curls.
He often does things that skirt 'round all legality
And has some concerns about PCH sexuality.

What more can we say of this hunky Latino?
That looks are deceiving, he's just a bambino?
We can't for it seems that cute Hector's turned evil,
Asides that he whispers, malicious to Weevil,
Whose leadership skills he did rate without question
Until something happened to spark his aggression.
What really took place on the bridge Coronado?
Was Logan the one, the supposed desperado
Who stabbed poor old Felix like Hector is telling,
A story the bikers find so darn compelling?
For none stayed behind except Bootsy and Hector.
None knows it for sure if this truth's a mere spectre.
Was this just a ploy of the scheming Fitzpatricks
Hatched down at the bar amidst tattoos and cue sticks?
Is Hector a traitor, a drug-pushing disgrace?
We don't know the answer. Keep your eyes on this space.

Bio as of 2.09 "My Mother, the Fiend"
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Patrick Wolff plays Hector Cortez.

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