Logan Echolls

"Well, it must have been great working. That's what makes you so real, Piz, so salt-of-the-earth. My life, on the other hand — frivolous."

"No, that's not what I was saying."

"No, you're right. Not frivolous — full of frivolity. You hear that, Veronica? The, uh, subtext? Piz worked for a living while I frittered my days away. Impressed?"

"I'm not impressed right now."

"What's your problem, man?"

"Fundamentally, I guess it's that I lack a working man's backbone."

A Brief History of My Life

Mom: Lynn Echolls (missing, presumed dead by suicide)
Dad: Aaron Echolls (dead by assassination)
Half-sister: Trina Echolls (somewhere)
Half-brother: Charlie Stone (estranged)

Best friend #1: Duncan Kane (missing)
Best friend #2: Dick Casablancas (vacant)

Girlfriend #1: Lilly Kane (dead, murdered by Dad)
Girlfriend #2: Caitlin Ford (dumped after cheating on me, probably headed for jail)
Girlfriend #3, #4: Veronica Mars
Girlfriend #5: Kendall Casablancas (less girlfriend, more playmate)
Girlfriend #6: Hannah Griffith (shipped off to Vermont)
Girlfriend #7, #8: Veronica Mars
Girlfriend #9: Parker Lee

Doesn't count #1: Yolanda Hamilton (it was just a fucking kiss)
Doesn't count #2: Taylor Something (beach head)
Doesn't count #3: Madison Sinclair (regrettable)

Qualifications: High School diploma

Interests: Surfing, GrabMyAss.com, beating the shit out of Piz, Veronica Mars

Bio as of 3.19 "Weevils Wobble But They Don't Go Down"
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Jason Dohring plays Logan Echolls.

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