Logan Echolls

"My man parts are intact."

Name: Logan
Aged: 18, freshman
Location: Off campus
Interests: Surfing

Yeah, so, you know, my friend Dick said I should give this Hearst video dating thing a try 'cause, I mean, the dude says I'm turning into emo boy, so, uh, yeah. Here I am. My name is Logan. I, uh, I mean, there's stuff you've probably read about me, like how my dad was psycho — which is, you know, true — and that I'm always in trouble — which is, you know, not true, I mean, not really.

I'm currently single. I, uh, I don't know, uh, what I'm looking for is maybe a girl who...well, you know, who's alive, that'd be cool, and, uh, not a ho, and not in Vermont, and, uh, not my best friend's stepmom. And a girl who's not prone to rush into danger and refuses to let me help. Or gets really judgmental when I sleep with the personification of everything she hates. We were on a BREAK! Anyway, I've been there, done that. It's not what it's cracked up to be. Yeah, my love life is sort of, uh, checkered, you know? But hey, makes for variety. Nothing serious, okay, just, uh, somebody to have some fun with, somebody who wants to make out in my car or my hotel suite — I live at the Grand...long story.

Response #1: Hey, Logan. I tried to contact you, you know, after our night on the beach. Oh, man, that was sooooo good. ;-) I think we are hot together. I really loved your lollipop and want to lick it again. :) :) :) Call me, 555-4859 - Taylor.

Response #2: Hi, lover. I'm still trying to find my ski goggles. Can you check your bag? Last time I saw them was when you were scaling my walls and we reached the peak. You left so quickly in the morning that I think you may have picked them up by mistake. Are you feeling better now, by the way? You were a bit green. Anywho, I'm coming into Neptune tomorrow. I thought I'd drop by to say hello and check your constitution. Veronica was never good enough for you, you know? See ya then - Madison.

Response #3: Hi, Logan. Hey, I had such a good time on the Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt and you were such a sport. We can't date or anything — Girl Code thing — but if you ever want to just hang out or maybe have lunch together, you know where I am - P.

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Jason Dohring plays Logan Echolls.

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