Logan Echolls

"Ask not for what Logan can do for you but what you can do for Logan."

"That's gonna get old real soon."

From the first, Logan Echolls had villain written all over him. Lucky, lucky scribe. Ahem. Yet to describe Neptune High's "obligatory psychotic jackass" as such does a disservice to a complex and fascinating character. Who is surprisingly hot. Exceedingly hot.

The son of an abusive and self-serving movie star philanderer who slept with, and murdered, his girlfriend; a mother anesthetized by alcohol and drugs who stepped off a bridge to final oblivion; a selfish and disinterested adopted stepsister; Logan's family was not the stuff of dreams. With his dad in jail, his sister hawking the story to Hollywood, and his newest girlfriend betraying and dumping him, it's no surprise the kid is a mess.

When he is bad, he is very, very bad.

He can be arrogant, mean, and vindictive. He can be stupid and reckless. Neptune is a powder keg after Logan walked away from his night on the Coronado Bridge, leaving Felix's body behind. Far from keeping his head down in a town filled with those that hate him and would call him a killer, Logan stokes the bitter fire, one that is literal when his home burns to the ground. He plays with fire too, getting in bed with the amoral Casablancas family. He obliterated the Aaron/Lilly sex tapes and stopped them becoming tabloid fodder. Was this an act of evil or of cathartic salvation? Either way, Logan has compromised the case against Aaron.

But when he is good, it is torrid.

Logan found love with Lilly but lost it. He found hot love with Veronica. Hot, hot love. With her, he showed another side: caring, loving, funny, witty, and charming. He misses her, and he shows it with barbs and needles. Except when he's dancing.

There was a time when Logan didn't seem to care if he lived or died. But the prospect of a life in prison for a murder he believes he did not commit brings out the best and the worst in him. He buries the enmity with Weevil deep enough to allow them to work together to find out the truth, but not so deep as to eliminate jibes at his social inferior. He is dashing and kind to a sweet, young girl, inexperienced in love; but it is an act, for she is the daughter of his accuser. Logan isn't immune to the feelings she can arouse in him by showing faith in him and easing his loneliness. He risks his new-found freedom from prosecution in a futile effort to keep her. Oh, Logan. Hell is just around the corner.

Logan is deeply flawed and drawn by a creator who likes him when he is tortured. If Logan were real, you know what he'd tell Rob Thomas.

"Bring it on."

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Jason Dohring plays Logan Echolls.

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