Logan Echolls

"And then, there's bachelor number three. He's got it all. Motive. Access. Looks like an evil-doer, smells like an evil-doer. But surprisingly, not so much."

From the first, Logan Echolls had villain written all over him. Lucky, lucky scribe. Ahem. Yet to describe Neptune High's "obligatory psychotic jackass" as such does a disservice to a complex and fascinating character.

As the son of a movie star, Logan has the existence one dreams of. He has money, possessions, and the freedom to do as he wants, when he wants. The reality of his life is very different. An abusive and self-serving philanderer for a father; a mother anesthetized by alcohol and drugs; a selfish bitch of a half-sister; this is Logan's family. Or was. Finally worn by her husband's infidelity, his mother seems to have chosen suicide.

Is Logan bad? Oh yes, deliciously so. He can be arrogant, mean and vindictive. He took pleasure in torturing Veronica in the aftermath of the ruin of her life. He has thrown around racist quips, organized bum fights, and dated skanks (a.k.a. Paris Hilton, or rather a character she played, but still). The illusion that Logan created for himself was as destructive as the reality in which he lives.

Is that all he is? Hardly. He and Lilly loved with temperamental fury. He and Duncan have a deep bond. He's funny and witty and loyal to those he calls friend. Once, Veronica was one of those friends. Will she ever be again? The signs are there. He played knight in shining armor to her not-too-distressed damsel. And after they shared a kiss, a tongue-delving, heart-stopping, stomach-lurching, loin-throbbing kiss, will she be much more? (Okay, the loins thing may just have been me, and 30 million other viewers.)

Logan Echolls is a mess. A vulnerable, wicked, wonderful mess. And also? He is seriously effing hot.

Are you kidding?

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Jason Dohring plays Logan Echolls.

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