Duncan Kane

"You never played Little League?"

"Oh. Well, Mom was afraid that a ball would hit me in the face, Dad was afraid it would interfere with mock U.N., and I was afraid I couldn't hit a curveball."

For Duncan, the pampered son of software billionaire Jake Kane, "Summer Lovin'" was more than just his off-key serenade on the bleachers of Neptune High. It proved to be prophetic.

Before the school year ended, Duncan learned that he didn't kill his sister, Lilly, and that he wasn't related to Veronica, which meant their one-time love tryst wouldn't be featured on an episode of Jerry Springer Live! From West Virginia. He broke up with sweet and pretty Meg, who could never take Veronica's place, and freed up his heart for the One True Love of his life. Never mind that Veronica had just broken up with Logan. As those summer days were driftin' away, a secret message inside a fortune cookie ("UR really kewl," perhaps?) was all it took for LoveFest Part II to officially begin. He and Logan eventually have a rough-and-tumble brawl over—surprise, not Veronica—but Duncan's absence during Logan's tumultuous summer. However, they begin mending fences while playing video games, as boys often do.

Duncan's living an Oliver Twist kind of life since Big Momma and Big Daddy Kane moved to Napa to find peace and quiet during Jake's ongoing trial for obstruction of justice. Determined to finish his senior year at Neptune High, Duncan's spending his lonely days Big Pimpin' it in the Presidential Suite of the Neptune Grand. Veronica eventually visits him there, and they...you know...for the first time. Um, again. Only this time, they think they know what they are doing.

Duncan and Veronica were given another chance at life and love since neither was on the school bus during its fatal crash. And much to Veronica's surprise, he's been visiting Meg daily at the hospital, despite her parents' objections. How will it all end? Tell me more, tell me more.

Bio as of 2.05 "Blast from the Past"
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Teddy Dunn plays Duncan Kane.

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