Duncan Kane

"Don't stop there, Veronica. Say it. What's my usual way?"

"You stand idly by."

Son of software billionaire, Jake Kane, he used to be Veronica's boyfriend. Then one day, with no warning, he ended things.

As different as Veronica is after the death of Duncan's sister, Lilly, Duncan may have experienced an even more radical transformation. Apple of his mother's eye, the old Duncan seemed fun, gentle and caring, at least until he unceremoniously dumped Veronica shortly before Lilly's death.

When Lilly was murdered, much of the life in Duncan drained away. He woodenly functioned on a cocktail of anti-depressants and epilepsy medication, claiming to remember nothing of the day Lilly died.

He could not remember that he found her body. He could not remember cradling Lilly in his arms, covering himself in her blood. He was past remembering anything when his parents came upon them both and assumed the worst.

Shortly before, he had suffered a tremendous shock. His mother Celeste told him that Veronica was Jake's daughter by Lianne and thus his sister. This caused him to cut Veronica from his life despite his love for her; a love that overcame all taboos when, incapacitated by a drugged drink, he had sex with Veronica at Shelly Pomroy's party. He abandoned her there when he realized with horror what he'd done.

Now that he knows he didn't kill Lilly and that Veronica, whom he still loves, is not his sister, Duncan's future starts on a clean page.

Bio as of 1.22 "Leave It to Beaver"
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Teddy Dunn plays Duncan Kane.

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