Duncan Kane

"Don't stop there, Veronica. Say it. What's my usual way?"

"You stand idly by."

Son of software billionaire, Jake Kane, he used to be Veronica's boyfriend. Then one day, with no warning, he ended things.

As different as Veronica is after the death of Duncan's sister, Lilly, Duncan may have experienced an even more radical transformation. Apple of his mother's eye, the old Duncan seemed fun, gentle and caring, at least until he unceremoniously dumped Veronica shortly before Lilly's death.

When Lilly was murdered, much of the life in Duncan drained away. He woodenly functioned on a cocktail of anti-depressants and epilepsy medication, claiming to remember nothing of the day Lilly died, a claim that shielded him from the questions he should be asking and the ones he should be answering.

There may be a darker side to Duncan Kane, one triggered by his condition or a part of his nature. If his best friend, Logan Echolls, is to be believed, Duncan attacked Jake and remembered nothing. Lilly died and Duncan remembered nothing. Convenience or malady? Either could mark him a killer. One his parents may do anything to protect.

No doubt some of his pain had another cause: the belief that he committed incest. Not with the vivacious Lilly, but with the willing Veronica at Shelly Pomroy's party (in so far as someone drugged can be willing) after he had broken up with Veronica because his mother had told him that Veronica was his sister.

Off anti-depressants, newly-elected President of the Student Body Council, the sweet Meg Manning at his side, Duncan was starting to regain his place as king of Neptune High. That is until Veronica's probing into secrets he didn't want to share triggered his flight from it all. Was it mere coincidence that he went to Cuba, or did the poster on Veronica's bedroom wall play a part? And what now for Duncan, back in Neptune, still in love with Veronica, and gutted to the core that she has finally moved on?

Bio as of 1.21 "A Trip to the Dentist"
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Teddy Dunn plays Duncan Kane.

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