Duncan Kane

"Don't stop there, Veronica. Say it. What's my usual way?"

"You stand idly by."

Son of software billionaire, Jake Kane, he used to be Veronica's boyfriend. Then one day, with no warning, he ended things.

As different as Veronica is after the death of Duncan's sister, Lilly, Duncan may have experienced an even more radical transformation. Apple of his mother's eye, the old Duncan seemed fun, gentle and caring, at least until he unceremoniously dumped Veronica shortly before Lilly's death. And then, the night Lilly's body was found, much of the life in Duncan just drained away.

For a while, Duncan simply functioned. On anti-depressants and medication for epilepsy, his three-day memory loss around the time of his sister's murder comfortably shielded him from the questions he should be asking and perhaps even from the questions he should be answering.

For there may be a darker side to Duncan Kane, one triggered by his condition or a part of his nature. Veronica has been told of a violent episode when Duncan attacked Jake. Duncan remembered nothing afterwards. Lilly died soon after. Duncan remembered nothing afterwards. If there is a connection, how far will his parents go to hide it?

Duncan, off anti-depressants, is gradually building another life. New girlfriend Meg Manning is sweet and non-threatening. Not unlike Veronica Mars used to be. But very unlike who Veronica Mars is now, the girl who can imagine, with a sickening clarity, Duncan Kane murdering his sister.

Bio as of 1.17 "Kanes and Abel's"
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Teddy Dunn plays Duncan Kane.

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