Cliff McCormack

"Race fans, hot-rodders, the monster trucks are coming to Neptune, Neptune, Neptune!"
"That's great, Cliff, but just remember-"
"Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!"

Cliff may have failed criminal law, but even he knows that Logan Echolls won't impress anyone with a poor-little-rich-boy routine. He prefers defending his usual stripper and biker gang clientele to representing smug and stupid rich boys like Logan. Trading slightly unethical favors with Veronica Mars and helping out the helpless tawdry like Loretta Cancun, Cliff serves the dark underbelly of Neptune. He supported Keith Mars in his failed bid to be Neptune's sheriff, even though Keith becoming sheriff might have been bad for business. Underneath that cynical exterior must lie a heart of gold.

After all, he helps Veronica and Keith trick a deadbeat dad into seeing his ex-wife when their little boy needs a bone-marrow transplant. Cliff couldn't know that said deadbeat would end up being kidnapped and forced to donate marrow, could he? Anyway, let's face it: Cliff is a marshmallow.

Bio as of 3.05 "President Evil"
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Daran Norris plays Cliff McCormack.

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