Sheriff Don Lamb

"18—It's Legal!
Re-Elect Don Lamb!"

Oh, Lamb. You smarmy bastard. Deputy when Keith was Sheriff, Lamb was promoted after the emergency recall election. He quickly got on Veronica's bad side when he laughed in her face for reporting her date-rape, he stayed on her bad side as she quickly became a thorn in his.

He may be smarmy and sarcastic, but he isn't completely bad: he helped Keith catch the E-String Strangler, although Keith did most of the hard work, and he did listen to Keith and Veronica when it was revealed Abel Koontz didn't murder Lilly. Perhaps there is hope for him yet. Or perhaps not, as he refused to check off Terrence Cook as a suspect in the bus crash, even when Keith provided evidence that he couldn't have detonated a bomb via cell phone. Of course, he was slightly vindicated when explosives were found in the garage Terrence uses and Terrence himself was found in his blackmailing dead lover's house and was shot.

He isn't above using dirty tactics during his bid for reelection, either; he barely won after he dug up the fact that Keith let Ed the bus driver go years earlier for drinking and driving and exploited that fact during a debate. Lamb also likes to use the phrase "You need to go see the wizard" and likes to call himself "the Exterminator." But what really lies beneath his tough guy exterior? Do we really know anything about him? We know he went to Southwest Texas for a year before blowing his knee and dropping out. We know he likes to work out (shirtlessly). And we know his childhood...well, actually we don't know anything about his childhood other than his father may have received some, cough, visits from the police. We also know that he likes his women blonde and barely legal. What's up with that? Why don't you go ask the wizard?

Bio as of 2.16 "The Rapes of Graff"
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Michael Muhney plays Sheriff Don Lamb.

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