Sheriff Don Lamb

"Veronica Mars is...smarter than me."

Deputy when Keith was Sheriff, Lamb was promoted after the emergency recall election. Lamb quickly got on Veronica's bad side when he laughed in her face for reporting she'd been raped.

He may be smarmy and sarcastic, but he isn't completely bad: he helped Keith catch the E-String Strangler, although Keith did most of the hard work, and he did listen to Keith and Veronica when it was revealed Abel Koontz didn't murder Lilly. Perhaps there is hope for him yet.

And his favorite phrase is "You need to go see the wizard." Don't ask.

Bio as of 1.22 "Leave It to Beaver"
All bios: 3.14 3.05 3.02 2.16 2.11 1.22 1.01

Michael Muhney plays Sheriff Don Lamb.

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