Mrs. Kathleen Barry

"That is so ridiculous. I don't even know how to use a gun!"

Mrs. Barry claimed she never wanted to pull the trigger on fiesty ol' Keith. Sure, she may have been creeping around her own house with a loaded weapon, searching for Mr. Mars, but she's harmless, right? We'll give her the benefit of the doubt — for now.

The first time we meet Kathleen Barry, she's already covering her tracks with the finesse and cunning of a pregnant hippopotamus. What exactly did Mrs. Barry have in mind when she ordered Josh to rinse off his dead father's blood? She claims she doesn't want Josh to frighten Bobby, but we're not so convinced that an autistic son is plausible defense for suspicious behavior.

Mrs. Barry admits to another count of withholding evidence when she reveals that she's been in possession of a .45 caliber pistol since her husband's untimely death. It's this gun that she hands over to Keith after he wrenches it from her conniving little fingers. She just knows Josh is innocent, and she hopes the pistol will prove it, but we're calling a foul for keeping clues from the person who needed them most: Sheriff Lamb. June Cleaver or Beverly Sutphin? We're still on the fence.

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Tracey Needham plays Mrs. Kathleen Barry.

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