Professor Corrigan

"You might let him know that if he misses another class, he shouldn't bother showing up again. He'll fail automatically."

"I'll let him know your prayers are with him."

Uptight professor of Logan and Dick Casablancas and other budding entrepreneurs. This show does not have the greatest track record for teachers. Some may engage in inappropriate relations with students or kill their philandering girlfriends, while others simply vanish. Logan's professor may not have committed any of these atrocities (yet), but he certainly doesn't have a sense of humor or an appreciation of Logan's creativity. He didn't accept the excuse of a grapefruit-sized tumor as a valid reason to be absent (though he did accept an and he cut quick Logan's ass-tastic presentation. We just hope that Professor Corrigan isn't actually some avenging spirit of a long dead cop, a spectre that considers himself the wrath of God.

-alliterator, bethgee
Bio as of 3.17 "Debasement Tapes"
All bios: 3.17 3.13

Norman Large plays Professor Corrigan.

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