Wallace Fennel

"Well, I am the fairest."

Wallace Fennel is the man. He's convinced of it, anyway. He arrived at Hearst College in the fall ready to become the Big Man on Campus and Hearst's newest basketball phenom. He's still Veronica's right-hand man and partner-in-crime, and his roommate Piz joked that Wallace is better-looking than he is. Wallace liked him immediately.

With the biological-father drama behind him, Wallace has returned to his easy-going, pleasant ways. His mother Alicia and little brother Darrell are still in Neptune, but they're not making any S.A.G. points this season.

He's once again flying his model planes solo, though occasionally with an audience, now that his first love is on the other side of the country. He and Piz temporarily satisfy their post-adolescent sexual urges by hanging out on campus, watching female students sunbathe on the South Quad. Maybe Wallace will one day get a new girlfriend — preferably, one that doesn't lie about being rich or harbor any secret children. Being stalked by a guy is not what he's after either, even if he's flattered and non-judgmental. Wallace was relieved that he didn't have to find the right color bandanna when his stalker proved to be a recruiter for a mysterious organization.

Academically speaking, after following the advice of a teammate, a slacker P.E. major, Wallace cheated on a Mechanical Engineering exam and got caught (you don't turn in the exam early, Wallace). But rather than dropping the class, he stuck it out, determined to ace the rest of the semester to average out to a passing grade. Wallace put his Jordan-esque basketball skills on hold temporarily while he focused on his schoolwork, the coach allowing him to keep his scholarship. Mucho studying means less time spent with Wallace this year. *sob*

This is "regular" Wallace, who, though flawed, remains the moral center of the show. Proof comes a' plenty as he tries to counsel Veronica to take care with Piz's heart and signs up for a summer helping the plight of child soldiers in Uganda. As long as he's around, as long as he's got Veronica's back, we know everything will turn out okay.

-Inigo, topanga
Bio as of 3.19 "Weevils Wobble But They Don't Go Down"
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Percy Daggs III plays Wallace Fennel.

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