Wallace Fennel

"Well, I am the fairest."

Wallace Fennel is the man. He's convinced of it, anyway. He arrives at Hearst College in the Fall ready to become the Big Man on Campus and Hearst's newest basketball phenom. He's still Veronica's right-hand man and partner-in-crime, and his roommate Piz jokes that Wallace is better-looking than he is. Wallace likes him already.

With the biological-father drama behind him, and Jackie back in Brooklyn, Wallace has returned to his easy-going, pleasant ways. His mother Alicia and little brother Darrell are still in Neptune, but we don't know if they will be making an appearance and earning the actors any S.A.G. points this season. Maybe if Alicia and Keith reconcile. *fingers crossed *

He's once again flying his model planes solo now that his first love is on the other side of the country (though we haven't seen a model airplane since the pilot. What's up with that?). So Wallace and Piz temporarily satisfy their post-adolescent sexual urges by hanging out on campus, watching female students sunbathe on the South Quad.

What's in store for Wallace this year? Being Watson to Veronica's Sherlock Holmes, of course, and showing off those Jordan-esque basketball skills we know so well. Maybe Wallace will get a new girlfriend — preferably, one that doesn't lie about being rich or harbor any secret children. But this is Wallace, the moral center of the show, so we know everything will turn out okay.

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Percy Daggs III plays Wallace Fennel.

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