Wallace Fennel

"Is there anybody you don't think is corrupt deep down?"
"Yes. You."

The first encounter of Veronica Mars and Wallace Fennel is legendary: the young detective met her future partner-in-crime when he was duct-taped naked to the Neptune High School flagpole with the word "snich" painted on his chest. In contrast to the other Neptune students who were either gawking or snapping pictures, Veronica took action and released her new classmate from this humiliating position. Wallace repaid her kindness by joining the bitter outsider at her lunch table — and thus, a beautiful friendship was born.

Although his start at his new school was less than promising, Wallace soon gained the favor of his classmates by becoming a gifted asset to the basketball team. Though now on the inside of this vibrant little society, he still stayed true to his friendship to Veronica, which could not even be destroyed by the initial disapproval of his mother, Alicia. The Kane Software clerk needed some time to believe that the Marses' bad reputation was undeservedly awarded, but Keith Mars's charm — and his skill in removing skeevy tenants — finally convinced her. Soon their new-found friendship became more, and Veronica and Wallace both needed a while to get used to the new situation.

In his senior year, Wallace is not only a respected basketball star, he has also met the wild and sexy Jackie Cook, who soon becomes his lunch buddy with privileges. She reciprocates his growing feelings for her, but is hostile towards Veronica, who returns the sentiment. Wallace is not very happy about that, but has so far managed to keep both his girlfriend and his best buddy.

He may no longer be an office aide at Neptune High and Veronica's lackey — may even have developed a few mad detective skills of his own — but Wallace still makes himself indispensable to Veronica Mars, and she still comes through for him. It's a relationship that is tested to destruction when Wallace finds out that his mother lied about the identity of his biological father, and Veronica fails to be helpful in this crucial situation. Jackie also gets on his bad side when she plays a humiliating practical joke on Veronica. Disappointed by friend, lover, and mother, Wallace decides to put his trust in his new-found dad, and leaves Neptune in his company.

He needed some time to come clean with himself and the situation, but he reenters Veronica's life just after it has been turned totally upside down yet again. Holmes has been reunited with his Watson, and the BFFs are back together at last.

But wait. This is Neptune. Turns out it wasn't Pirate pride or his love for a certain tiny blonde that drove him out of Chicago. Wallace had been a passenger in a classmate's SUV when it struck a homeless man and didn't stop. He thought leaving town meant he could forget about the incident forever, but the newspaper reporter who shows up at school ensures him he has enough evidence to write a new thriller: I Know What You Did Last Fall.

Wallace and Veronica join forces to stop him from being framed for the crime, and the undeniable joy they bring to each other's lives makes even the most meticulous viewer say "Fight? What fight?" It's no surprise that Jackie, who was part of the sting operation, wants to join their wave of friendship. But Wallace makes it clear to Jackie that he‘s only interested in friendship and would rather date sweet, knee-spraining, "likes to sneeze in Sex Ed class" Jane. Too bad he didn't make it clear to his heart. Or his hormones. He tries to kiss Jackie, breaks up with Jane, and makes us wonder for a moment if his sweetness and purity of spirit are real. He stalks Jackie in that nice-guy way of his, and the two rekindle their romance. But it's cut short when Jackie accepts her invitation to study at the Sorbonne in France returns to Brooklyn to resume her waitressing job and take care of her two-year-old son.

On a positive note, Wallace won an athletic scholarship to Hearst College, so his Jordan-esque basketball skills should get even fiercer next year. It's not clear whether or not Veronica will join him there, but if they wind up being dorm roommates, we know who'd claim the top bunk.

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Percy Daggs III plays Wallace Fennel.

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