Wallace Fennel

"Wallace, if you do this for me, we'll be best friends forever. Come on! Don't you want us to be BFF?"

Veronica Mars first met Wallace Fennel when he was duct-taped naked to the Neptune High School flagpole with the word "snich" painted on his chest. Sexy. We're sure Wallace will remember his first day at Neptune High for a long, long time. Veronica won him over and became his BFF when she was the only one with enough heart to cut him down from that flagpole.

Wallace lives with his mom and little brother. If Veronica's dad and his mom keep making sweet music together—which unfortunately seems doubtful, given the current circumstances— he and Veronica might be bunk bed buddies soon.

Veronica may have been a little skeptical about Wallace's claims to be the star of the basketball team. The guy's cute, but he isn't six-foot-anything, so who can blame her? Lo and behold, when the season came round, Wallace proved that he was the real deal. Nowadays, you can hear him say, without fear of contradiction from his rapidly growing fan base at Neptune High, "Michael Jordan ain't got nothin' on me."

In his senior year, Wallace is not only a respected basketball star, he has also met the wild and sexy Jackie Cook, who soon becomes his lunch buddy with privileges. She reciprocates his growing feelings for her but reacts with hostility towards Veronica, who returns the sentiment. Wallace is not very happy about that, but has so far managed to keep both his girlfriend and his best buddy.

He may no longer be an office aide at Neptune High and Veronica's lackey—may even have developed a few mad detective skills of his own—but Wallace still makes himself indispensable to Veronica Mars, and she still comes through for him. It's a relationship that is tested to destruction, when Wallace finds out that his mother lied about the identity of his biological father, and Veronica fails to be helpful in this crucial situation, deciding to quarrel with Jackie instead.

Disappointed by friend, lover, and mother, Wallace decides to put his trust in his new-found Dad, and leaves Neptune in his company.

-Inigo, grimsqueaker, geniusblonde
Bio as of 2.05 "Blast from the Past"
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Percy Daggs III plays Wallace Fennel.

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