Gram O'Dell

"I think he took your car and snuck out, blasting his CD. Then, when he dented it, knowing you'd murder him if you found out, he trashed it to make it look like feminists did it."

Son of Dean Cyrus O'Dell and stepson of Mindy O'Dell, Gram loves punkish music crossed with KISS-style theatricality. In addition to music, his other hobbies include stealing his dad's car, crashing his dad's car, and vandalizing his dad's car. Hmm, I wonder which kid Cyrus prefers: the car thief or the cute-as-a-bug stepson?

-wyk, leila6
Bio as of 3.03 "Wichita Linebacker"
All bios: 3.12 3.09 3.03

Sean Rose plays Gram O'Dell.

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