Mel Stoltz

"Fired would have been fine, but dead... it does the trick just as well."

Once again, Neptune proves that if you're going to be a pushy jerk, it's in your best interest to be a wealthy pushy jerk. Above and beyond that, the cloud of cigar smoke, questionable taste in d&ecute;cor, and putting practice during business hours is all Mel.

Mel Stoltz is a pushy jerk head of Stoltz Industries and Hearst College's primary benefactor. He strong-armed into reinstating the Greek system on campus shortly before the dean's untimely demise and was accused of Coach Tom Barry's murder by the coach's son. Stoltz tried to ignore Keith when he visited his office for a chat, but as we all know, it's hard to keep a good Mars down.

Also, if you're going to be a wealthy jerk with the above attributes, always fake have a good alibi for when your enemies are murdered.

Stoltz was supposedly flying on a Gulfstream 5 at the time Coach Barry was killed. However, when your alibi is an airline named after you, it becomes less than credible. Speaking of alibis, just where was Mr. Stoltz between the hours of two and three AM on the morning of December 11?

Bio as of 3.13 "Postgame Mortem"
All bios: 3.13 3.09

Jeremy Roberts plays Mel Stoltz.

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