Abel Koontz

"Because he's crazy?"

A mystery wrapped in an enigma dipped in some crazy sauce. Abel Koontz is just wacky. I mean, who would confess to the murder of Lilly Kane and then fire his attorney? Abel is also the person who told Veronica that Jake Kane was her father. Should we believe him? He's got the whole "crazy" thing working against him.

But crazy is as crazy does and maybe unstable Abel is really more than able. He may have told Veronica true and made her crazy on what to do. It's not so bad to be on death row when the doctor tells you that you're gonna go. And false confessions one shouldn't oughta, but what about when you've got a daughter? Abel was saved from the State-supplied cooker, when Keith persuaded a reluctant hooker to come to the fore and to say Abel lied; he'd failed to admit screwing her as Lil' died.

He was a villain in Season One, but that Rob Thomas is a son of a gun who turns our world a little inside out and gives us something to think about. How a father's sacrifice can unwittingly lead to a daughter's death in a show of greed, a fate to which she'd never have been exposed but for the lies her father told. As Abel's own end fast approaches, this truth Veronica never broaches, electing instead to comfort with lies this tragic ex-patsy as he dies.

-Inigo, alliterator
Bio as of 2.06 "Rat Saw God"
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Christian Clemenson plays Abel Koontz.

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