Jeff Ratner

"I've worked here two years. You've seen me a hundred times, but you don't notice the little people 'cause you're too busy lounging with Captain Moneybags here."

Putting the "rat" in "Ratner," Jeff turned Veronica in when it looked like she plagiarized a Criminology paper. Whether he resented Veronica for being a teacher's pet, just wanted to see a cheater get her due, or was sick and tired of waiting on Logan as part of his job at the Neptune Grand, we're not sure. But after Veronica gets him stuck on the graveyard shift by planting stolen mini-shampoos, soaps, and towels in his car in a case of mistaken revenge, he probably regrets ever opening his mouth.

Bio as of 3.06 "Hi, Infidelity"
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David Magidoff plays Jeff Ratner.

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