Coach Tom Barry

"We're on a basketball court in basketball uniforms, but what we're playing? That's not basketball."

Tom Barry is the anti-Bobby Knight. Your freshman hot-shot would-be starter oversleeps? No problem: make a joke or two! He decides to take his leave of the team to concentrate learning? Give him your blessing (and let him keep that scholarship!). Kicking the Division I-coach stereotypes to the curb, Wallace's b-ball coach seems surprisingly kind.

But all his compassion has earned him an apathetic son and a spot at the top of the NIT (arguably a dubious distinction). Oh — and an early ticket off the mortal coil. Was it a mugging gone wrong? A disgruntled player's crime of passion? The end result of the latest in a series of Oedipal struggles? Kobe?

Bio as of 3.13 "Postgame Mortem"
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Matt McKenzie plays Coach Tom Barry.

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