Lloyd Blankenship

"Got anymore true-crime semi-bestsellers for me?"

Lloyd was skeptical when Keith Mars turned up with Deborah "Cheyenne" Collins, more familiar to her many clients as Cheyenne, and a file on Abel Koontz. It is a credit to his faith in the former sheriff, and to his nose for a good story, that this old-school newspaperman risked his career on the testimony of a hooker. Far from becoming a national joke, his paper blew the lid off the cover-up of the murder of Lilly Kane.

So you'd think he might have graduated to something a little more airy than a claustrophobic cubicle, you know? Alas, Lloyd's space seems to have gotten even smaller, which may explain why he looks to Keith for a new story. Unfortunately for him, the stolen Aaron Echolls sex tapes are too tabloid to do him any favors. He can, however, do Keith a favor by tapping his tabloid tottie for their market value and tipping him off about Woody's buck-passing shenanigans.

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Steve Rankin plays Lloyd Blankenship.

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