Meg Manning

"I'll be fine."

"No, you'll be super-fine."

Meg Manning and Veronica Mars were friends and members of the 09er crowd before Lilly's death. Unlike the rest of those snobs, Meg didn't jump on the bandwagon of hating Veronica. Too involved in her own dramas to realize that Meg wasn't like the others, Veronica finally discovered Meg's loyalty while rescuing her reputation during the purity test scandal. We believed, as Veronica did, that "cartoon birds braided [Meg's] hair this morning."

Meg still remained loyal to Veronica, despite the friction caused by her dating Duncan Kane. While Veronica initially approved of the pairing, she learned that the idea of her ex dating someone else wasn't as painful as the reality. There was also the matter of the crowd Meg hung out with, a crowd Veronica could no longer be a part of. The friction went both ways, too: Duncan was still in love with Veronica.

Soon after learning that Veronica was not, in fact, his sister, Duncan broke up with Meg to pursue his former flame. Meg responded with extreme vindictiveness...toward Veronica. This hot blonde showed her the cold shoulder all summer, and she was no friendlier once school began again. Accusing Veronica of getting her kicked off the cheerleading squad and then insinuating that she would want payment for getting her back on, Meg proved she could be just as bitchy as her little sister.

Veronica wanted to regain Meg's friendship. She really did. But Meg would have none of it, a sentiment that cost her dearly. Turning down a limo ride back to school in order to avoid Veronica and Duncan, she remained on a bus that ended up going over a cliff and plunging into the water below. Someone from above must have heard the prayers of our dear St. Blonde, since she is the sole survivor. Now, she lies in a coma, her life hanging in the balance.

And it may be her very own parents who strike her down. Meg kept a laptop hidden from them, a laptop with information so damning in her parent's eyes that Lizzie entrusts Duncan with it. What secret could Meg possibly have that has Lizzie fearing her parents would pull the plug? And what does it have to do with Duncan, whom her parents blame for her current condition? Only the cartoon birds know the answers.

Bio as of 2.04 "Green-Eyed Monster"
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Alona Tal plays Meg Manning.

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