"This file does not contain the exams. It's a study guide. If you want the study guide, it's a hundred dollars. If you want the answers to the study guide, it's another hundred."

[Editor's note: To the Beatles: We're sorry. We're really sorry. We're so *&@#ing sorry.]

Wallace was ethical, studied mecha-canical 'neering in the dorm
Late nights all alone with his text books, oh, oh, oh, oh
Mason's temptation: movies, 'corn and seduction, puts him in the know
"Can I send you off to the cheat-king, bro-o-o-o?"
And so he's getting answers to go, for a knock brings to the door...
Max! Max! Max-geek's study crammer turned Wallace to an ass
Cheat! Cheat! Max-geek's study crammer made sure that he could pass
Back in school again Wallace is the fool again, teacher gets annoyed
Wishing to avoid an unpleasant scene-e-e-ene
He had T.A. stay when the class has gone away
Wallace then returned, doubtless having learned
"I must not cheat so-o-o-o."
But Max is still in place at the dorm when answers they are yearned...

Bio as of 3.05 "President Evil"
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Adam Rose plays Max.

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