Steven Batando

"You better hide, you crazy bitch!"

The former husband of and negligent father to his cancer-stricken son, Steven Batando lived his life jumping from one street to another as a sporadically employed voiceover actor with a botoxed face fit for radio. Kidnapped and bribed into doing the right thing, his bone marrow donation might just save his and Mindy's shared progeny.

With newly widowed Mindy in the poorhouse and no longer able to keep Steve in the lifestyle (and the roadster) to which he has been accustomed, he decides to get even. And since he can't exactly take his bone marrow back, breaking, entering, and palming a vase or two from his ex's home seems like the most logical solution.

With Mindy (or someone?) possibly framing him for the Dean's murder, Steve-O's violent tendencies reached a breaking point. Dripping with rage and bloodlust, he unsuccessfully stalked his ex, bludgeoned the town sheriff into an early grave, and is felled by Deputy Sacks. A fitting end for a waste of human space.

Bio as of 3.14 "Mars, Bars"
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Richard Grieco plays Steven Batando.

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