Mindy O'Dell

"Because I'm your wife, that's what I'm for. Remember?"

It wasn't so very long ago that Mindy O'Dell had it all. She was the wife of a prominent Hearst College executive, not to mention a mother, a step-mother, and a damn fine cook. Oh, and a bit of a philanderer. One might argue that Mrs. O'Dell was merely helping to foster administration/faculty relations by awarding a certain Criminology professor tenure in between her legs.

But now the jig is up. Exposed as an adulteress, Mindy has been left widowed and penniless (her cuckolded husband's death ruled a suicide). She's turned to the best private dick in town in hopes of uncovering some foul play in her husband's death. But things never end well for the trophy brides of Neptune, do they?

Bio as of 3.10 "Show Me the Monkey"
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Jaime Ray Newman plays Mindy O'Dell.

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