"You really think that I would kill my coach because he wasn't starting me?"

The Last Temptation of Wallace

Scene 1: Wallace wants to do the right thing and sacrifice his pleasures to be a dedicated student and the very picture of diligence as he strives to meet Hearst's rigorous academic standards in Mechanical Engineering. The devil, in the guise of a basketball jock, calls on En Vogue to show Wallace how much better a life of fun and parties would be.

Scene 2: With popcorn, The Hills Have Eyes, and a couple of temptresses, the devil leads Wallace down the path of evil. To solidify his hold on our flawed saint, the devil shows Wallace the easy way to pass Mechanical Engineering, thereby causing him to reject salvation.

Scene 3: Wallace struggles with his conscience, finally rejecting the devil and his own basketball glory, at least temporarily. Man is saved. The devil lives to fight another day and stay on the first team, as is the devil's way.

But the devil's not done...

Look out for the sequel...

Coming soon to a screen near you...

The Passion of the Player

All-Conference small forward Josh Barry faces the chair for the murder of his basketball-coach dad when the devil gives false testimony...or does he? Even telling the truth, the devil can condemn the innocent, especially when mistaken identity is in play.

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Robert Ri'Chard plays Mason.

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