Harmony Chase

"So, you're just sitting there looking at his car?"
"Yeah, it's glamorous, I know."
"At least it's your job. I did it a couple of weeks ago for sport. I was so sure he was cheating, I decided to follow him. I wore a hat and sunglasses. Not my finest hour."
"No more I Love Lucy reruns for you."

She's a beguiling Mars Investigations client (and meta reference to Enrico Colantoni's former gig at Just Shoot Me). She solicits Keith to find evidence of a cheating husband; by the time said husband is cleared of any wrongdoing (other than working late hours), Harmony is looking forward to making some music of her own with her private dick. Ahem.

Bio as of 3.04 "Charlie Don't Surf"
All bios: 3.07 3.06 3.04

Laura San Giacomo plays Harmony Chase.

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