Cindy "Mac" Mackenzie

"And this is what you meant by 'crash'?"
"Oh. Yeah. I meant 'bang.' I got my onomatopoeias mixed up."

Things are looking up for the Q to Veronica's Bond. Out with the psychotic, rapist, mass-murdering, suicide-committing boyfriends who leave you stranded in a hotel room with no clothes, in with the adorable, animal activist cuties who think you're just peachy and hopefully have never forced a school bus off a cliff even if they're into early morning hikes. Sure, you were switched at birth with spoiled brat Madison Sinclair, your roommate can be a little bit over-the-top sometimes, and you've got a friend who always needs a favor for whatever investigation she happens to have going on at the time, but...did we mention the animal activist cutie? Who's totally into you? And was completely sweet after you slept together? If that's not enough, what about that friendly fellow geek you met at Parker's birthday party? Screw your therapist who's given up on you. She's obviously the one in need of serious help.

-misskiwi, Inigo
Bio as of 3.16 "Un-American Graffiti"
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Tina Majorino plays Cindy "Mac" Mackenzie.

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