Mercer Hayes

"Trust me, I don't expect you to help. You asked a question. I answered it."

Ah, college years! The time to gather experience, to find new friends, strike up new relationships, and set up your first semi-legal gambling establishment! Admittedly, the latter is probably not all that common even among Neptune residents, but we're guessing that our boy Mercer just wanted to pass the time making some spare change before zoning in on the inevitable law or economy degree, or whatever underage gambling kingpins are settling for these days. And surely real-life business situations like robbery at gunpoint will look almost as great on his resumé as an internship with Wolfram & Hart Barry Randall or Kane Software.

At least his unique hobby indicates that he's a little more focussed than fellow Mexico travelers Dick and Logan, though that hardly guarantees for a less troublesome character.
A young man in Neptune as suave and arrogant as this is either called Logan Echolls, or he is bound to have no soul, especially if we believe that clothes make the man: dressing up as Alex DeLarge at a college where rapists roam free and experimental classes on torture can change your life is either quite outrageously tasteless, or brilliantly sinister.

Bio as of 3.05 "President Evil"
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Ryan Devlin plays Mercer Hayes.

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