Nish Sweeney

"If I say Mr. Hartman here is an idiot, that's one thing, but I say he's an idiot and should be strung up and beaten to death. Is that different? I mean, do words matter any more?"

Nish is the editor of the Hearst Free Press and gave Veronica the assignment to investigate the Zeta Theta Beta sorority house. Nish is driven. While she seems at first to be driven to expose the rapist, it turns out later that she's just driven by dirt, any dirt, on a sorority (or fraternity). She and fellow crusaders Fern Delgado and Claire are members of Lilith House, Hearst's feminist rights organization. During the premiere of Piz's call-in radio show, she and Fern almost come to blows with the editors of the Lampoon after they find out Claire was raped. In earlier episodes, it seemed that Nish had good intentions. But after Veronica was done being sorori-spy, she wasn't convinced Theta Beta was the den of sin she'd been led to believe it was. Nish didn't care. She had illegal activities, and she printed it, not caring who was hurt in the process. While some may think this is a characteristic of a good newspaper-woman, we find out later that it isn't in her case. Despite the easily verifiable facts concerning fellow sister Claire's faked rape, the story does not end up in the Free Press. She claims she didn't want to imply that all the rapes were faked, but the dean doesn't believe this and removes her of her editorial duties. She threatens both Dean O'Dell and Veronica after she's fired from the paper, and it's hard to tell what she has in store for them. "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned," and she feels scorned something fierce, both for herself and Clare's best friend. She blames Veronica for the Greeks' continued existence, ignoring the fact that the Pi Sigs actually weren't guilty of what they were being accused of...that time.

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Chastity Dotson plays Nish Sweeney.

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