Nish Sweeney

"I've been trying to find someone who could get inside Theta Beta during Rush Week, do a "Behind the Greek Curtain" exposé."

Nish is the editor of the Hearst Free Press. She gave Veronica the assignment to investigate the Zeta Theta Beta sorority house. Nish is driven. While she seems at first to be driven to expose the rapist, it turns out later that she's just driven by dirt, any dirt, on a sorority. While there's no doubting that Nish has good intentions, what are the lengths she's willing to go to in order to get the sororities and fraternities to close down? What is she capable of in the name of the greater good?

Bio as of 3.02 "My Big Fat Greek Rush Week"
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Chastity Dotson plays Nish Sweeney.

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