Nancy Cooper

"They set up this boo room so they could fondle girls as they went through. So, we dressed up as rats and strategically put rat traps on all of our gropable parts."
"Okay, that is pretty genius."

Rape victim and one of the speakers at Hearst's "Take Back the Night" Rally. We're pretty sure she doesn't have a boyfriend named Sid, but then we've been wrong in the past. Her megaphone-enhanced speech was interrupted by Dick, who was only wearing a mask and a Union Jack speedo. As if being raped wasn't trauma enough.

Nancy also provides Veronica information about where Claire Nordhouse was the night she (Claire, that is) was raped. Nancy seems to be less stubborn than and less militant than Fern Delgado, though she does come up with some great ideas, like glueing mousetraps to their costumes and then going into the "grope room" in the Pi Sigs haunted house, causing some pretty sore fingers. We're thinking Hanging With Misses Cooper would be much cooler than Militant Arboreals with Fern.

Bio as of 3.04 "Charlie Don't Surf"
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Tanya Michelle plays Nancy Cooper.

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