Timothy Foyle

"Dr. Landry expects everyone to participate. Is it possible you ended up in the wrong class? Your academic advisor can get you into something else, you know. Elementary education, maybe. I think it's okay to read magazines over there, they even cut them up sometimes, make little collages."

From jerky jerkface to...slightly less jerky jerkface in the space of a couple weeks! Well, I guess it's progress. As a teaching assistant to Professor Hank Landry, Tim started out the semester as Veronica's nemesis, and as her star has risen in that class, so has Foyle's dislike for, and possible jealousy of, Veronica. It seems. That is until we discover that he's the one who led Veronica on a wild-goose chase so that she would learn that her would-be mentor, Landry, is actually philandering scum. Why he couldn't just tell her that is beyond us. Anyway, not only is Foyle possibly as smart and sneaky as Veronica, he wanted to protect Veronica from the crushing disappointment he experienced when he discovered that Landry was not the great guy Tim thought he was. He also seems to be following and/or investigating the rape spree on campus. Maybe in a couple more weeks, he'll turn out to not be a jerkface at all!

Bio as of 3.06 "Hi, Infidelity"
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James Jordan plays Timothy Foyle.

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