Timothy Foyle

"Dr. Landry expects everyone to participate. Is it possible you ended up in the wrong class? Your academic advisor can get you into something else, you know. Elementary education, maybe. I think it's okay to read magazines over there, they even cut them up sometimes, make little collages."

We haven't gotten a lot of insight into the inner workings of Professor Landry's Teaching Assistant, Tim Foyle. He's smarmy, he's condescending, and he seems to be a bit of a suck-up. And he hates our heroine, Veronica, which is kind of understandable, given that she did humiliate him in front of the class and his beloved professor. Aside from all that, we know he helps Dr. Landry run a mentoring program for local juvenile delinquents, although he doesn't seem to vet the candidates too closely. Other than that, Foyle is a bit of a mystery.

Bio as of 3.05 "President Evil"
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James Jordan plays Timothy Foyle.

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