Professor Hank Landry

"This is about nothing more or less than the fact that you are, by far, my strongest student. Forget me, Veronica. Think about you."

Young teacher, the subject
Of Hearst girls' fantasies
They want him, so badly;
He's boffing Mrs. Dean

New term now, star pupil
Much swifter than his last
She charms him, outwits him
Intro to Crim.'s the class

Her paper, on murders
Earns an "A" for our girl
V. plans the perfect killing
A note: "Goodbye, cruel world!"

He's gotten, so sloppy
His tryst's an open page
Keith tattles, Cy's rattled
Goes to exert his rage

Keith wonders; Dean's passing
Was it at Landry's hand?
Hank's tested, Keith's bested
It's not that simple, man

Don't stand so. Close to Landry.

Bio as of 3.10 "Show Me the Monkey"
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Patrick Fabian plays Professor Hank Landry.

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